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ur a loser

1 Homer88, Jul 26, 2017




3 GoodKaren, Jul 26, 2017


really GoodKaren?

2 RoboZoe, Jul 26, 2017

sitting at 0min all day? GoodKaren get a life u snaggletooth idiot


Remember when Cameron

0 Cinema, Jul 26, 2017



0 thetrackerjackers, Jul 26, 2017




0 Brayden_, Jul 26, 2017

1) Aurora is the most attractive female name ever.
2) Lucy Boynton is the greatest actress ever. Kristen Stewart is #2.
3) Octavia Blake is the greatest TV character ever. Karen Jackson is #2.
4) McKayla Maroney and Penny Oleksiak are the greatest athletes ever.
5) Pomeranians are the cutest dog breed ever.
6) Sarah Silverman is the greatest, and most important Jew to ever live.
7) Emma Watson as Belle is the greatest casting decision ever made.
8) Skylar Grey is the most underrated music artist of all time.
9) Kiki Rowe and Jillea are going to make it big.
10) Ana De Armas is the most attractive person alive. Danielle Campbell is 2nd.
11) Avril Lavigne rocks harder than anyone alive.
12) Avril Lavigne is the greatest musical artist of all time.
13) Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory is the greatest reality TV show of all time.
14) Adventureland is the greatest movie of all time. The Blackcoat’s Daughter is the 2nd.
15) I am the best blogger on tengaged dot com.
16) I am the best BB blog game host on tengaged dot com.
17) I’m 20
18) What defines me? … Ryan Lochte.
19) Raven Walton is the most attractive BBUS houseguest of all time, and wins BB19.
20) Just because you’re Democratic, doesn’t mean you’re morally superior.
21) Tomi Lahren should be idolized by every female.
22) Give a larbage, throw out your garbage.
23) Hali Ford is the most attractive Survivor Castaway of all time.
24) Be ready to buy Avril Lavigne’s new album.
25) B34 is the prime bra size.
26) Watch “Love” on Netflix.
27) Carly and Erin are the best YouTubers.


Circle on Call.

0 Girllover101, Jul 26, 2017

Is the hardest, most fun thing to do. I had so much fun, I think I'm gonna start hosting myself.


good gameplay or

1 semajdude, Jul 26, 2017

being spared cuz hes hated?


join frooooks

0 Rizzo, Jul 26, 2017


I love talking to Brazil soccer fans

4 Memphis_Grizzlies, Jul 26, 2017

Because they are still salty over how germany beat them 7-1**


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(+/-) Charlotte Harris (Andrè's..

14 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

Charlotte Harris is André Harris's grandmother. She made eight appearances in the series: Pilot, Wi-Fi in the Sky, Sleepover at Sikowitz's, iParty with Victorious, Driving Tori Crazy, Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, and The Bad Roommate. She was briefly mentioned in the episodes Survival of the Hottest, Jade Gets Crushed, Tori Goes Platinum, The Blonde Squad, Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, and The Bad Roommate. According to André, she lost her mind sometime before the series. The big showcase in the Pilot was the first time she left her house in six years due to her irrational fear of virtually everything, such as people, rabbis, bikinis, breakfast foods, vacuum cleaners, the seven year old next..


(+/-) Alex Russo ~ Wizards of Waverly..

14 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

She was born on August 10, 1992 in a taxi cab, #804 in New York City. She was born from Theresa and Jerry Russo. She is the second child of the three Russo children. Alex grew up with two brothers and her best friend, Harper Finkle.
Alex is, by ordinary standards of beauty, an extremely pretty girl with a self-proclaimed great fashion sense. She has her mother's wavy, dark brown hair and dark eyes, though she straightens it out in Season 2. She is petite and has a slim build. She usually wears her hair down, but can be up in some episodes. She is very stylish, as well. Many boys are attracted to her because of her looks, as well as her personality, in most of the episodes, she is wearing..


my mom is so supportive

9 eliserose, Jul 25, 2017

she felt bad when i got nominated and wished me luck in veto and told me she's praying for me to pull through and not go home this week
she's honestly my iconic goddess


VLOG Addressing Saraj10's Comments

14 LoveLife, Jul 26, 2017

You don't need to watch it if you don't want to, it's probably quite a boring vlog, but I just wanted to get across why I posted a blog about it and my opinion on the whole thing, sorry if you think this is for attention, but I think you already won that title saraj10
I did try to mail you, but you are rude and didn't reply so I made this.
I am fully aware that people probably won't agree with me because I am not relevant, but I like to stand up for what I think is right and don't like to see people put down for how they look. Also I posted it after I got evicted in stars so you know it isn't for attention, if not I would have posted it whilst nominated, for stars..


(+/-) Theresa Russo ~ Wizards of Waverly..

10 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

Theresa Magdalena Margarita Ann Russo (née Larkin) is the mother of Alex, Justin, and Max Russo. She runs the Waverly Sub Station with her husband, Jerry Russo. As a mortal, she possesses no powers, but encourages her children's discovery of things such as school and their Latino heritage (Alex and her brothers are half Mexican from Theresa's side of the family). She does not like magic, and she can not stand when she finds "magic running amuck in the house."
Theresa Russo is a typical mother. She's fussy, caring, and can be pretty embarrassing. Theresa lives in Waverly Place in Manhattan with her husband, Jerry Russo, and their three children: Justin, Alex, and Max. Unlike her..


(+/-) Justin Russo ~ Wizards of Waverly..

7 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

Professor Justin Vincenzo Pepé Russo (portrayed by David Henrie) is the eldest of the Russo kids and is a full wizard like his younger sister Alex. He's one of the most gifted wizarding students of recent times, creating his own spell, being able to use the Russo family wand with amazing success, and being well viewed by adults and professors, both mortal and magical. In the show's finale, Justin keeps his wizard powers, replacing Professor Crumbs as the new Headmaster of Wiz Tech.
Even though Justin has had many romantic relationships through the run of the show, his most significant relationship is the relationship with Juliet van Heusen, which is ongoing.
Justin is one of the most..


tbb rankings

5 TheEclipse, Jul 25, 2017


(+/-) Teddy Duncan ~ Good Luck Charlie

8 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

Theodora 'Teddy' Rebecca Duncan is the second oldest child of the Duncan children. She makes video diaries to guide her little sister Charlie through life. Her parents are Amy and Bob Duncan. Teddy's siblings besides Charlie are Gabe, PJ, and Toby Duncan. Teddy is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler.
Teddy is a kind, intelligent, creative, responsible, 19-year-old girl who cares about her family and friends. Teddy loves to go shopping, hang out with her best friend, Ivy, and go to the movies. It is suggested that her favorite colors are blue and purple. Teddy gets excellent grades and excels in English, math, and science ("Teddy's Little Helper"). She also likes music. She was the..



7 mysterygame2, Jul 26, 2017

Kevin was hosting the veto and said "The Juice is Loose" LOL how does he know OJ got out?


I filled out a job application 3 days..

11 LasVegas, Jul 25, 2017

And I got the job! Oh my gosh I'm so happy, I got my license a week ago, and now I'm starting a job, this day can't get any better!
Can't wait to start @ Walgreens :)
EDIT: Hopefully this can pull me away from tengaged and I can set sail on a wonderful journey as life! I'm glad I made friends on here, and hopefully we can go out and eat or shop one day! Thanks for supporting me through my Tengaged career!
Tagging My Friends List + People I..


(+/-) Max Russo ~ Wizards of Waverly..

6 Steven999, Jul 26, 2017

Maximilian Alonzo Ernesto "Max" Russo is a former wizard and the youngest of the Russo kids. Like his siblings, he is half Mexican from his mother and half Italian-American from his father. He is portrayed by Jake T. Austin.
In the series's finale, Alex became the Russo Family Wizard and Justin a full wizard due to becoming the Headmaster of Wiz Tech. As a fall-back plan for becoming mortal, Max obtains the Sub Station which he seems very happy about.
At 16, he is the most mischievous, determined to take his magic "to the Max." When he's not dodging homework and vegetables, Max plays practical jokes on his siblings. His first spell (on the show) was "Comakus..