Big Brother Game

Tengaged is an online Big Brother game based on the reality show, you will enroll with a group of people and try to avoid the daily evictions based on the votes. It's very addictive and fun!
enroll and meet new friends

How to play the Tengaged Big Brother game?

Just enroll in the game and you will be automatically asigned to one house with other few participants. Every day there will be votes and nominations based on the interaction between the players and a daily evictions.

What are the type of Big Brother games?

We have different types of games based on Big Brother reality tv show, you will start playing the game Casting with 19 more participants and once you get enough experience and points you may enroll in other games based on different formats like Big Brother US and UK versions.

Is is like the CBS Big Brother?

We don't have any relation with CBS Big Brother and we only have a similar format, totally online based, but with similar rules, evictions, head of household, power of veto, nominations, etc.

Is it hard to play?, the TV reality show seems stressfull

It depends on what you want, it may become very stressfull in some situations and you have to be prepare for drama and betrayals, it's important to create one alliance and meet new participants, that will help you to win the games, just as with the real Big Brother show

How are the online bigbrother games work in Tengaged?

All games are created automatically, you just need to enroll and you will be assigned to one house with other participants, then interaction starts. All voting, evictions, daily nominations are fully automatized based on your votes and selections.

Will I be evicted from the house?

Yes, sure :). This is a game and sometimes you will lose, you will be evicted from the game, but you may start with other participants in a different house and try again :).



Opportunity came knocking this round. While I was busy opening the door for it, others were too busy puncturing holes in the floor and making our ship sink. Their defenses are crumbling, please save me and help me deal the finishing blow. GL Pizza.



People really can't seem to leave me alone it seems. When they found out I wasn't the sheep they expected me to be and that I actually play my own game, they came after me. I'm gonna continue to go after the splitters if I stay in the game. GL Julian!

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